Computer Services

Computer repairs

New Installations

Have a new PC, Mac and or peripheral?  Don’t know how to set it up?  Let us send one of our technicians to your office or home and we will take out all of the guess work in making it work.

Unsure how to navigate through the ads and promotions.  We can help you with your selection and purchase process.  After a short consultation we will have you on the right path best suited for your office or home.



Is the technology you own not up to task?  Do you need to find and economical solution in order to extend the life of that technology?

After a short consultation/evaluation we can provide a cost analysis which will help determine which path is best for you.  Be it hardware or software we have the knowhow to help you.


Virus and Spyware Removal

In today’s world even the most careful internet user is prone to get hit with virus and spyware.

Whether you need to get rid of the problem or want to defend yourself from getting a problem we can help.  Our technicians can clean any infected system and secure it so you will be safe to surf the internet again.


Data Recovery / Backup / Transfer

Your business data or personal data is the most valuable commodity on your computer.

If your hardware has failed we have technology to help retrieve it for you

If you are worried about losing your data we can either architect a backup solution for you or backup the data for you for safe storage.

If you are moving offices or just getting a new computer we can help transfer your important data.


Wired / Wireless Networking

Let us come on site (Office/Home) and architect the best Networking solution for your environment.  From desktops, laptops and printers to portable media players and game consoles, we can connect any and all devices that need to be on a network environment.


New Technology (iPod, Media Center, etc.)

The digital world is ever changing.  Let us help you navigate through the maze of new technologies that hit the market.

We can help you with all stages of the process, from selection to install to implementation.

From PDAs, MP3 Players, Personal Media Players, Media Centers, and Game Consoles, Digital Cameras/Camcorders we are well versed in all fields.


Digital Media

Now that you have all the latest cool toys and gadgets, how do you get your media onto them?  We can digitize all media and build a system that you readily have access to download your media.  Additionally we can help you with integrating your new technology so you can get the most use and function.


Data Destruction

Have you recently upgraded you computer and are now stuck with old hardware that potentially has sensitive data?

We will come on site with the necessary tools to erase the data forever.  We use the same software that is used by the U.S. Military and meets their standards for data destruction.


Hardware Removal*

EPA standards have only increased over the years to better protect the environment from the harmful components computers have in them.  To make sure you do not violate those and or DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) regulations for safe disposal, have us come on site to remove them from your place of business or home.